Tuition & Aid

We are proud to offer high-quality and high-value programs at an affordable cost, keeping a Touro education accessible to all students.

We encourage all of our students to spend time researching and exploring their financial aid options, which include federal student aid as well as a Shanah Bet tuition reduction.

2020-2021 Tuition and Fees

Undergraduate Tuition* $455 per credit
Administrative Fee (Non-refundable) $120 per semester
Computer/Lab Fee (per course) $120
Late Registration Fee $200
Withdrawal Fee $50 per class
Graduation Fee $200
Returned Check Fee $40
Transcript Fee $10

*Shana Bet Seminary/Yeshiva discounts available.
We invite students to use our Net Price Calculator to get an accurate estimate of their total educational expenses.

Tuition Refund Schedule

Students** who wish to withdraw should contact the Registrar. Approved applications for withdrawal from classes are subject to the following refund schedule***:

When withdrawing from any course the following tuition refund schedule for approved dropped courses will apply:

Before the start of class: 100% of tuition
After the first week: 90% of tuition
After the second week: 75% of tuition
After the third week: 50% of tuition
After the fourth week: 25% of tuition
On or after the fifth week: No refund

**Withdrawing students who have received Title IV funds are subject to a federal recalculation. These regulations are available in print from the Financial Aid office.

***A student’s official withdrawal date is the date that the Registrar receives notification of withdrawal. If a student has not paid full tuition and fees for the term in which the withdrawal takes places, he/she must pay the proportionate amount noted above before leaving the College.


TCI Bursar
Mrs. Miriam Deutsch
02-651-0090 x 8  
1-800-950-4824 x 8