Work Study

Work Study gives students practical experience while helping them fund their education.

The Federal Work Study Program (FWS) places eligible students in paid positions in various departments throughout the College. Their earnings help cover educational costs. Students may work a maximum of 20 hours/week at a rate of $11-16/hour.

Federal Work-Study Guidelines & Timesheet Instructions

To be eligible for FWS, students must complete a FAFSA and maintain a 2.0 GPA.

Students who fail to make Satisfactory Academic Progress must immediately discontinue Federal Work-Study.

If you cannot report for work as instructed, or no longer want employment, you must notify your direct supervisor. Failure to do so will jeopardize your future FWS eligibility.

Regulations stipulate that students may only work for their assigned department. Working from home is not permitted.

Work Days & Hours
Students may not work:

  • on Saturdays;
  • while the college is closed, including intersession and holidays;
  • during scheduled class time;
  • more than 25 hours a week.

Students may work up to the last day of their individual finals for each semester.

You must electronically report your time on the Touro One Portal. Supervisors must approve your timesheet for each pay period. Instructions are given when you are approved for Federal Work Study.

Time In & Time Out
Round all hours down to the nearest half hour (e.g. Document 9:15am as 9:00am). Do not use military time. 

For five-hour work periods, you receive a 30 minute break.
For seven-hour work periods, you receive a one hour break.
Your timesheet must show breaks as appropriate.

Federal Work Study Positions

Federal Work Study positions are posted in the Federal Work Study Community on the TouroOne Portal. To go to this community:

  1. log into the portal
  2. click "Federal Work Study" in your right Student Services navigation on your student landing page.

This will take you to the new Federal Work Study community where you will have access to current Federal Work Study on campus and off campus job postings. To apply for an opening:

  1. Click on the blue Federal Work Study Banner on the right.
  2. Click on Job Postings at the top.
  3. Click on "on campus" or "off campus" on the right.
  4. Contact the supervisor listed on the job posting for on campus positions. Email Cheryl Weiner your resume and the position interested in for off campus positions