Welcome to the Fall 2020 Semester @ TCI! - last update: October 19, 2020, 4:03 am


TCI's Fall Semester began on October 18.  Fall 2020-2021 Course Schedules are posted which you can find here.  In order to register, you must fill out this registration packet (click to download to access the fillable forms) and email back to TCI Registrar, Mrs. Tammi Schwartz at Tammi.Schwartz13@touro.edu.    For advisement, please contact Professor Jerry Koller, TCI Academic Advisor at Jerry.Koller@touro.edu or Dr. Chana Sosevsky, TCI Advisor and Director of TCIO at Chana.Sosevsky@touro.edu 

Due to ongoing Covid-19 restrictions in Israel, courses are all taking place via Zoom for the time being.  After hours and for urgent matters you may contact a TCI rep at 058-687-3783 also via WhatsApp. For general inquiries please contact Elisheva.Stadler@touro.edu   

  • If you are planning to graduate in January, your application is due by November 15th.  Please contact Dr. Sosevsky for assistance.  Chana.sosevsky@touro.edu


Advisement & Counseling

Touro College in Israel provides advisement and guidance to help students map out their academic programs and to make the right career decisions.

Advisors assist students in exploring their interests, identifying career options, choosing a major, and how yeshiva/seminary credits work. Various instruments and tests are utilized to supplement individual one-on-one counseling sessions. The staff also provides confidential personal guidance. At registration, as well as during the semester, advisors help students select appropriate courses in order to satisfy all requirements necessary for their majors and graduation.  For advisement and counseling, please contact:

Dr. Chana Sosevsky
02-651-0090, ext. 3 (in Israel)
1-800-950-4824, ext. 3 (from the USA)

Professor Jerry Koller
02-651-0090, ext. 7 (in Israel)
1-800-950-4824, ext. 7 (from the USA)