Any student currently living or planning to live in Israel, who is not an Israeli citizen or a permanent resident*, may apply for admission to Touro College Israel.

Undergraduate Admissions

Students interested in taking undergraduate courses at TCI must submit their application to TC Israel, online, or through the Lander College of Arts and Science (LAS) in New York

TCI is part of LAS, and is not a separate institution. Current LAS students do not need to re-apply to enroll in courses at TCI. Touro students in any other division should contact the Dean, Rabbi Dr. Shmuel Klammer.

Touro College Israel Office
Tammi Schwartz
Phone from US: 1 (800) 950-4824 x 2
Within Israel: 02-651-0090 x 5

Lander College of Arts & Science: Undergraduate Admissions

Phone: (718) 252-7800 

* By agreement with the Israel Council of Higher Education (Malag), neither Israeli citizens nor permanent residents may take academic courses at TCI.