COVID Updates

Currently, Touro College in Israel conducts in-person classes for most courses. TCI follows Israel of Ministry of Health guidelines. 

If you have any Covid-related issues or questions, you may contact a TCI representative at +972-58-687-3783 (call or WhatsApp). For general inquiries, please contact

Course Registration

Summer 2022 and Fall 2022
(TCI Fall In-Person Classes Begin October 26th, 2022)

1. Review the TCI Academic Calendar for important dates to register, or to add, drop, or withdraw courses.  

2. Review the TCI Course Schedules for days and times of class meetings. 

3. Schedule a meeting with an Academic Advisor (by phone, Zoom or in-person) and download registration form

Dr. Chana Sosevsky

Mrs. Sarah Cohen

Rabbi Mordechai Gershon (for men)


All Students

Please fill out the first four pages of the registration packet and return it, along with a copy of your passport picture and visa page, to the Registrar: 

**New Students to TCI for the Fall Semester are required to take MCON 519 - Information Literacy.  This is a free, online course which takes 3 hours (Shana Bet Students are exempt). 


For any registration questions, please contact the TCI Registrar, Mrs. Tammi Schwartz, at